Phat Rags

Have you taken a close look at your wardrobe lately? Is your closet overfilling with plaid flannel shirts that your grandmother bought you for Christmas 15 years ago? Do you still wear your ‘No Fear’ and ‘West Coast Choppers’ tee’s? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions you are in dire need of some new threads. If actually going out in public shopping isn’t your idea of a ‘good time’ check out a cool site called Phat Rags and order some sweet shirts in the comfort of your own home.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Phat Rags, as this is a popular web-site that’s promoted on virtually every humor site known to man. I thought we should finally get with it and write an article on this bad boy and start promoting it since it’s been around for at least a year. As far as I can gather Phat Rags is affiliated with mega-huge-monopolizing Ebaumsworld so you can bet your ass this is one successful little site!

Basically Phat Rags offers you the funniest and most offensive t-shirts on the internet. Phat Rags has over 65 different designs that come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for men and women alike. From a quick browsing standpoint, the quotes of some of these shirts are ingenious! You’ll see quotes from such popular flicks like Billy Madison, 40 Year Old Virgin, Napoleon Dynamite, Old School, Super Troopers, American Pie and Team America.


click here to check out phat rags wide variety of cool threads!

All shirts are 15.99 USD (add an extra $2.00 for XXL) and are shipped via priority mail through USPS. Allow at least 5-7 days for delivery due to the fact that they offer over 65 designs and do not keep every item in stock (printing and packaging time are put into consideration)

Phat Rags also offers a great return policy! If your shirt is defective in anyway or the wrong size just e-mail them once you receiver your order and you will be given a store credit for the same exact amount! Currently, the site is offering a promotion! When you buy 3 or more t-shirts and selected an additional t-shirt, the additional shirt is yours free so check out Phat Rags today!



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